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Find contact information for Attorneys, Lawyers and Law Firms who help commercial clients and individuals with real estate transactions, including purchase and sale, leasing, mortgages and foreclosures, condemnation, construction, financing on homes, condos, office buildings, co-ops, houseboats, apartment complexes, mixed-used projects, multi-family residential properties, retail and industrial projects. Real Estate Attorneys, Lawyers and Law Firms draft offer contracts, commercial lease contracts, listing agreements, purchase contracts, residential closings, and contractor agreements. Real Estate Attorneys advise landlords of residential buildings, office buildings, malls, and other commercial properties regarding leases. Real Estate Attorneys represent buyers at closings, negotiations, do title examinations and searches, deed preparation, zoning disputes, quiet title actions, toxic mold contamination and offer mediation and arbitration over disputed issues. Real Estate Attorneys represent investors, homeowners and confreedominium associations, subdivision developments, and financial institutions with regard to their lending.  In this real estate Attorney Page, we have included some real estate attorneys or law firms who have specifically requested to be listed in the directory. The purpose of this site is to provide information on a nationwide basis to members of the public who are seeking legal representation.

This site also contains links to legal resources pertaining to real estate law on the internet that you may find useful, as well as links to a wide range of legal organizations.

Nearly everyone, at some time in their life, faces the problems of buying and selling real estate. The purchase of a home is probably the largest single investment a person will ever undertake; therefore, careful consideration should be given to the attorney you chose to represent your interest

Consult your attorney for more information.

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