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About Bail Bond Licenses

A bail bondsman is required to obtain a license from their state's Department of Insurance commissioner. The minimum age requirement to obtain a bail license is 18 years old. In many instances, twelve or more hours of pre-licensing class time are required. This class time covers the legal aspects of providing bail bonds, including the rights of the accused and ethical business practices. A surety company bond for usually five thousand dollars is also required to be filed along with the state department of insurance application. Copies of all of the agreements used in business should also be provided for review by the insurance commission. Fingerprints are also required to be on file with the application. Applicants must pass the department of insurance's written exam. Most licenses are issued to individuals and are valid for one year. License renewal requires a renewal fee and additional classroom hours of continuing education. For additional information on the bail bond licensing process, contact your state insurance commissioner.

A typical starting annual salary of a bail bondsman usually begins around $25,000.00 per year. Keep in mind that most of an agent's salary is commissioned based and paid out on a draw against future commissions. Most bail bond licensee' go on to own their own bail bond agency, greatly increasing their earnings potential. Newly licensed bail agents are recommended to seek employment from a an existing agency or better a General Agent "GA" where he or she get hands on experience on bond underwriting techniques and bond risk management. Working through a General Agency like Bail Yes Bonding has other benefits over smaller agencies, like the ability to write large bonds with one phone call Nationwide. At AAA Bail Yes Bonding G.A. we offer competitive rates with no upfront fee's for those who qualify.**


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If you have your state bail license already you may e-mail us today and see how simple it is to start your own bail bond company. Bail license appointments available in most states. We are currently issuing bail agency contracts to the following states; AL, AZ, CO, CT, FL, GA, LA, MD, MI, MT, MN, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC,  OH, PA, SC, UT, VT, VA, WV. More states being added.


If you are already a licensed bail agent and would like to have your own agency contract and ability to appoint sub-agents, then click below:

Bail Agency Owner Application Form  <Click Here.

If you are not yet a licensed bail agent follow the instructions below for how to get a bail bond license and become a bail bonds person.

  • 1. Contact the Dept. of insurance in your state, request information and what schools are in your area for a bail bond class license or (Limited Surety License agent).

    2. At the school your instructor will have more information of how and where to apply for a license.
    3. Once you have completed the licensing requirements in your state go ahead and submit a Agent Producer Application Note: you will need to send a copy of your bail license or insurance qualification certificate with your agent application.

Bail Yes Bonding G.A. offers bail bond agency contracts Nationwide to qualified bail agents. Several contract options available from some of the Nations top surety insurance companies. Bail Yes Bonding G.A., a Nationwide general agent has competitive contract rates. Choose from full liable agency contracts to joint partnership contracts. Fully insured BUF accounts that you the agent manages, its your money you know how to best invest it is our position. We think of BUF accounts, not as insurance for bond forfeiture obligations, but as your retirement nest egg, your kids college fund or that second vacation home in Florida.

Bail Yes Bonding G.A. is a prevailing leader in the bail industry with a long-term commitment to surety bail. At Bail Yes Bonding we underwrite bail on a daily basis. Bail is all we do, as one of the largest bail underwriters in the country, we strive for excellence and pride ourselves as being the best General Agents in the country.

All of the Insurance companies we represent are approved by the the U.S. Treasury to write Federal Bonds, Immigration Bonds and/or State Bonds Nationwide. We also allow you to have multiple surety contracts. This puts more pressure on us to be better than the other guy. We do this by giving you prompt service 24/7. There's no bond to big that you can't write with our organization.

Bail license appointments available in select states only. Come join a winning organization.


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** No upfront fee based on A+ employment rating at a Bail Yes Affiliate Agency with approved credit.


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