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Homeowner Insurance Providers.





  Florida Homeowners Insurance from SOL Insurance Agency Fast Homeowners insurance quotes for FL residents. Low cost Florida Homeowners insurance online.

Andy's Assurance Agency
1441 Southwest Flagler Terrace, Miami, FL 33135-2283
(305) 229-9761‎


Immigration Bonds National bonding firm offering U.S. immigration alien Deport & Visa bonds. INS bond for visa over stays, illegal entry, deportation permits.






Homeowner Insurance Glossary:

Application - A form you fill out with information about you that an insurance company will use to decide whether to issue you a policy and how much to charge.

Binder - A temporary insurance contract that provides proof of coverage until you receive a permanent policy.

Cancellation - Termination of an insurance policy by the company or insured before the renewal date.

Contract - In most cases, the term "contract" refers to an insurance policy. A policy is considered to be a contract between the insurance company and the policyholder.

Depreciation - The act of lowering an itemīs value due to use or wear and tear.

Exclusion - Provision in an insurance policy that indicates what is denied coverage.

Expiration Date - The date on which an insurance policy expires.

Grace Period(s) - The time - usually 31 days - during which a policy remains in force after the premium is due but not paid. The policy lapses as of the day the premium was originally due unless the premium is paid before the end of the 31 days or the insured dies. This is not a "-insurance" period.

Refund - Amount of money being returned to the policyholder.

Reinstatement - The process by which a life insurance company puts back in force a policy which had lapsed because of nonpayment of renewal premiums.

Renewal Policy - A policy issued as a renewal of a policy expiring in the same company or agency; not new business.










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