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Kentucky bail laws


Kentucky bail laws

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Sorry, There is No Commercial Bail In the entire State of Kentucky.
We can handle Kentucky Immigration, Federal Court bonds at this time and of course any bail bond elsewhere in just about any other State by phone fast.

If we may help you with a person that is being detained in another state please feel to call us immediately at 1-800-224-5937.

Kentucky bail laws

Kentucky expressly outlaws the commercial bail bond industry. Ky. Stat. § 431.510 (outlawing commercial bail bond industry); see Stephens v. Bonding Assoc. of Kentucky, 538 S.W.2d 580 (Ky 1976) (upholding statute). Bond agent from another state seeking to arrest fugitive who has fled to Kentucky must get a warrant. Ky. Rev. Stat. § 440.270.

Why No Local Commercial Bail In Kentucky ?
It appears you may be looking to obtain a bail bond in the state of Kentucky. Well, we apologize, because your state does not offer private bail bond services for all Kentucky local, city, county offenses. Bondsman from other states are unable to assist you in Kentucky. Basically Kentucky has there own state run bail bond program. This means that if you need to bail someone out of jail in the state of Kentucky you must go directly to the jail your loved is being detained at. In the State of Kentucky you will typically pay cash 10% of the bail at the jail in person, this is the only way you can get someone released for local jails in Kentucky. Otherwise, may we suggest contacting a local Kentucky criminal defense attorney below.

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