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US Federal Bail Bond and Nebbia Hearing, Nebia Motion.

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Federal Bail Bond Nebbia Hearings.

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  Federal Bail Bonds are bail bonds posted for criminal cases in a U.S. District Court Houses. Federal bail bonds or "Corporate Surety Bonds" as they are known have a premium cost of 15% of the face amount of the bail bond.

What is a meant by a Nebbia Hearing?

Most US federal courts typically add a bail sufficiency requirement to the bond, also known as a "Nebbia, Nebia Hearing,  bail source Hearing or 1275 bail sufficiency hearing". Basically the burden of proof is on the defendant and his/her family to show that the collateral and money paying the bond is from a legitimate source. A Nebia hearing  is the process where the bail defendant demonstrates thru a motion that is presented prior to the writing or posting a of Federal bail bond that this proof has been met. This requires the defendant and the co-signers of the bond to satisfactorily prove to the governments prosecutors the origin of all collateral and premium monies paid on the bond.

At Bail Yes we have over 30 years experience in writing Florida Federal bail bonds. We have many years of experience in handling bail source Nebbia hearings and our agents have years of experience in presentation and testimony before the courts. We do all the background work for you and supply your attorney with the information..

We present a Nebbia Proffer on your behalf to the AUSA prosecutor and Judge.

We supply your defense attorney with copies and a stipulation agreement.

We attend the court hearing and if required give expert testimony as to the facts of your bond collateral, premium sources ETC as submitted in the Nebbia Proffer.

For fast and confidential Federal bail bond service nationwide, Please call our #  1-800-224-5937.

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