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¿Qué es una fianza?

Una fianza es una garantía financiera de que el acusado en un proceso penal se presentará a sus comparecencias en el tribunal y para su juicio. Si el acusado no se presenta se paga el monto de la fianza al tribunal y se emite una orden de arresto en contra del acusado. Si encuentran al acusado, el juez puede restablecer la fianza u ordenar la confiscación del total de la fianza.


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Call 1-800-224-5937 for all other NY area's, including the following counties of Delaware, Delhi, NY
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Troy, Rensselear
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 Riverhead, Suffolk
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Monticello, Sullivan
Westchester County, Yonkers NY


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Abogados Criminalistas Fiancitas

What Role Does a Bail Bondsman or Surety Play?

Many defendants cannot raise the entire amount of the bail. In some states, the court may release defendants after they pay ten percent of the bail. In other states, defendants may arrange for their release through a bail bondsman. In that case, a defendant typically posts 10 percent of the total bail and signs over a lien on certain belongings to a bail bondsman or surety firm representative who guarantees to pay the remainder to the court if the defendant fails to appear for trial.


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